Discover the cultural heritage of  India

India is a cradle of culture since time immemorial. Thousands of years old magnificent and enigmatic temples, palaces, ruins and archaeological sites tells the stories of an advanced civilization. One where various arts and sciences had developed and thrived. Discover the stories of these lost civilizations and cultures in our cultural heritage tours of India.

Relive the royal grandeur of magnificent India. Stay in heritage hotels converted from erstwhile palaces. Experience the grandeur of the lives lived by the Maharajas & Maharanis. Also visit the most iconic monument of India, the 'Taj Mahal' - an ode to love of a king in memory of his beloved queen. A masterpiece on white marble in the banks of river Yamuna.

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India is home to fascinating wildlife. The tropical and sub tropical forests of India house some of the most interesting and endangered wildlife ranging from Tigers, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions to hundreds of species of birds and butterflies.


Kaziranga National Park India

In this tour the guests will travel to the tribal heartlands of Northeast India. The northeast of India is a living, thriving museam as it preserves man's early animist culture through its tribal heritage and ancient traditions. The region is inhabited by more than 200 ethnic communities, each with their distinct customs, dialect, traditions, colourful attire, accessories, ornaments, food, festivals etc.

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India is the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda-the holistic health system. In our specially curated Yoga & Wellness tours guests will travel to some interesting and beautiful places in India while learning and practicing yoga and meditation everyday from an accompanying expert. Guests will also have an immersive and rejuvenating Ayurvedic wellness experience in a luxury  retreat.  


Welcome to the land of 'Chai'. In these tours unfold the story of Tea in India right from where it all began during the British Raj to the modern tea industry today which brings you your favourite cup of delight. You will travel to two different regions that produces India's two favourite teas - Assam and Darjeeling.

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Food is an integral part of any culture. In India food is not just a necessity, it is an aesthetic experience. A celebration of the senses from sight to smell, from taste to touch; the culinary traditions vary region wise and brings a platter full of delight and amazement every few miles. We help you explore the delicate flavours of eastern India which is unique in its influence from the Middle east, British colonizers as well as from South east Asia.


India is home to thousands of years old magnificent and enigmatic temples, palaces, ruins and archaeological sites which tell the stories of a very advanced civilization. A civilization where various arts and sciences had developed and thrived. Discover the stories of these lost civilizations and cultures in our cultural heritage tours of India.

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The kingdom of Bhutan is an amazing place where the nations prosperity is counted in Gross National Happiness. A pristine land of hills, mountains and simple welcoming people, Bhutan will make you happy for sure. 

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Discover the wonderful weaves, textile traditions and handicrafts of Northeast India. In this specially curated tour guests will travel to villages to see how rare silk is extracted, processed and finally woven into beautiful fabric with intricate designs. Guests will see how backstrap weaving is done in some ethnic communities. They will also visit villages of traditional Terracotta artisans, Jewellery makers, Bell metal artisans, Bamboo product makers etc.

Backstap weaving in Northeast India

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India is a land of variety. It is a land of fascinating history and myriad traditions where the landscape and lifestyle of people change every few kilometers. With such variety in the sights, smells, taste and environment, a visit to this country is like a feast for the senses. Apart from the generally portrayed palaces and temples, there is a lot more this country has to offer to the discerning traveler. There are stories to be told, experiences to be felt, memories to be made and an entire different  world to be explored.

It is our humble effort to present this India in our specially designed tours. 


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Thank you for making this trip so wonderful. You anticipated our every need  and regardless what happened, you handled it with grace and smile.

Don & Linda, USA.

Wonderful, rich, unique and rare  experience. Sudarshan and Madhusmita provide unparalleled guidance into a world few have yet travelled. And the care they take to protect the unspoiled treasure that is Northeast India from the ravages of unchecked tourism speaks volumes to their love and respect for their land. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Julie DeLaurier, USA.

Avani organized a trip for me and three friends to Assam and Meghalaya. My friends also went to Delhi, Agra and Kathmandu. Coming from Brazil, feeling safe was important to us. Avani catered to all of our needs. We had a wonderful time in India, full of enriching experiences. For those interested in cultural and green tourism, Avani offer great options. I definitely recommend traveling with this company.