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Tea Tour in India

Welcome to the land of 'Chai'. In this tour we will help you unfold the story of Tea in India right from where it all began during the British Raj in the region of Assam to the modern tea industry today which brings you your favourite cup of delight. 

Highlights of Tea tour
  • Visit the lush green Tea Gardens. 

  • Stay in Heritage Tea bungalows.

  • Discover the birth of Tea Industry in India in a remote village in Assam.

  • Experience a Traditional Tea Ceremony.

  • Learn the nuances of Tea tasting with an expert.

  • Visit a Tea Factory to see how different varieties of tea are manufactured from the same tea leaves.

  • Witness tea plucking by the pluckers.

  • Enjoy local cultural dances.

  • Excursions to nearby places.

Tour Inclusions

Accomodation           Transport                  Meals

                         Guide                     Entrances                  

Tour Exclusions

Airfare, Travel Insurance, Visa charges, Tips and expenses of personal nature.

Tea is an integral part of the Indian identity, India being the largest tea producer and consumer in the world. Although commercially introduced in India by the British colonialists Tea has assimilated with the Indian culture and is the favorite beverage of the country. The most popular ways to drink it being spice mixed milk tea or 'Masala Chai', 'Lemon black tea' and simple black tea or milk tea. 

The story of Chai in India started with British army officer Robert Bruce discovering tea growing naturally in a remote village in Upper Assam of the Singpho tribal community who were making tea and drinking it in their own traditional methods.

Many of these gardens are more than 100 years old and some of them still have the old wooden bungalows where the Tea planters used to stay. Some of these bungalows have been converted to boutique hotels and heritage stays where guests can relive the tea garden experience of the colonial era. Many of these houses are known as ‘Chang Bungalows' as they were built on stilts taking inspiration from houses of local tribes built on raised platforms. Most of the Tea Bungalows come with fire places, vintage wooden furniture like four poster beds and other colonial era charms.

Tea destinations in assam

Dibrugarh (Min 2 Nights stay)

Dibrugarh in Upper Assam is known as the Tea town of Assam. On the banks of river Brahmaputra and surrounded by Tea Gardens, Dibrugarh is a historic town with the credit of being the place having the first commercial tea plantation in India. Visitors can stay in a Heritage Tea Bungalow and relax in the soothing environment. The Bungalows are exclusive properties with very few rooms so they are ideal for families and groups of friends. Evening barbeque/tandoor, cultural program etc. can be arranged on request. Dibrugarh airport is connected with all major cities in India.

Jorhat (Min 2 Nights stay)

Jorhat in middle Assam is another tea destination in Assam having a great Tea History. There are as many as 135 tea gardens in Jorhat and some of the best Tea Bungalows in Assam open for visitors. Each of these bungalows has its own unique history. It also has Assam’s only golf resort which is a Tea estate property converted into a resort. Jorhat also has a Tea Research Institute established in 1911, the oldest and the largest research station of its kind in the world. 

Jorhat has an airport connected to Kolkata, Guwahati and Delhi. 

 Activities in a Tea Plantation

1.  Tea Garden visit and tea leaves plucking : Guests can visit a tea garden and see how tea leaves are hand plucked by the tea pickers. One can try plucking the two leaves and a bud on their own.

2.  Tea Factory visit : The process of manufacturing tea can be seen by a visit to a tea factory. Guests can see firsthand how the tea leaves from the gardens are converted into the famous Assam tea known worldover for  its aroma and flavour.

3.  Tea Tasting : Different types of teas like Orthodox, CTC, Green tea etc. are manufactured from the same plant. These types are further graded according to their quality. Just like wine tasting tea tasting reveals          the quality of a particular tea. Guests can see how different types of teas are tasted for quality.